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Why I Love Producing Children's Music

For the longest time I've been in the children's music industry. I first toured with Barney the purple dinosaur at the age of 9, performing in front of thousands of people in cities all around the US, Canada, and Mexico. Through Barney, I met The Wiggles, and I had the opportunity to tour, travel, and perform with them for many years. I even played the role of the Yellow Wiggle for the Latin American Wiggles!

This is me at 15 years old:

Throughout that time, I've learned many things about children's entertainment and music. I also developed a passion for making music from a young age, and, aside from my love of performing and singing, I discovered a love for music production around the age of 15. It was actually during my trip to Australia to film for the Latin American Wiggles that I created my first song on Garageband using loops on my Macbook.

One of the best things about making music is that it is such a creative process. I get to create something from my imagination using simple tools and software. I also love illustrating, producing videos, writing poetry and books, and other creative things, but music production has always had a special place in my heart.

And with children's music, I feel like the possibilities are even more endless than with "regular music". I can write about the water cycle, scientists, shapes, and vegetables, and I can experiment with just about any kind of genre or sound that I'd like.

And the most rewarding thing of all is a child's reaction, when the child connects with the song, when a little girl learns something from it or a little boy dances to it. When it makes them smile. These moments are what make children's music production one of my favorite things of all!


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